SISCO’s COMTRADE Utility works with the AVEVA PI System to provide powerful analysis and display tools for processing device disturbance files supporting the IEEE C37.111 COMTRADE and PQDIF formats. SISCO’s COMTRADE Utility turns PI into a powerful disturbance analysis system and file archive that simplifies and manages the storage of disturbance data, events, and files. SISCO’s COMTRADE Utility retrieves device files automatically and then historizes the COMTRADE data by extracting the individual measurements from the files and associating the data and event to the underlying power system asset using PI AF and PI Event Frames for display and analysis using standard PI tools like ProcessBook V3 or Excel using DataLink. PI tags can be automatically generated if desired. The complete COMTRADE file can be stored in the PI archive in its entirety as an annotation enabling the original file to be restored for audit purposes or for off-line analysis outside of PI.


  • Enables PI with disturbance, waveform, transient, and any other sub-second data stored in IEEE COMTRADE files supporting the C37.111 and PQDIF formats
  • Connects disturbance data to the underlying power system assets using PI AF and PI Event Frames
  • Simplifies and centralizes the management of disturbance records by storing the original COMTRADE data in the PI archive along with the real-time tag data resulting in structured time-based access to all disturbance data for faster response to audits and faster access to your critical disturbance data
  • Extracts the individual data elements from the COMTRADE file and historizes the data by entering the data into the PI archive enabling display and analysis of the COMTRADE data within the PI environment using ProcessBook V3, Excel DataLink, and other compatible analysis tools
  • Can be configured to automatically create PI tags when historizing COMTRADE files
  • Can automatically retrieve, store, and historize COMTRADE files directly from devices using either FTP or IEC 61850 without manual intervention
  • Can invoke PI Notifications when files are processed to support fast response to power system faults
  • Can export any data from the PI System into a COMTRADE file for information exchange with other systems
  • Runs on any currently supported Microsoft operating systems



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To search for more information about all our products visit our KNOWLEDGE CENTER