Given the challenges of building new transmission lines, utilities must maximize the utilization of their existing assets without jeopardizing reliability. Implementing reliable and fast mitigation schemes can significantly reduce reserve margins while maintaining or even increasing reliability in some cases.
Traditional distributed remedial action schemes (RAS) that rely on complex device programming that interact in realtime across multiple substations can be challenging to develop, test, and maintain. It also increases cost and slows more widespread usage of wide-area RAS. Centralized RAS can lower the cost by providing a higher-level development environment with better simulation, testing, and management capabilities. This, in turn, enables more rapid and widespread implementation of RAS that can save utilities millions of dollars compared to other methods of RAS or adding capacity in existing transmission corridors.


  • Integration with the AVEVA PI System enables system events and states to be historized with application responses for analysis of system faults and application performance
  • A high-level analytic application development environment based on the Microsoft.NET platform provides a more productive environment for development, testing, debugging, and maintaining applications versus distributed remote device programs
  • High-performance interfaces to the network and PI System enable analytics to run in real-time for time-critical applications like C-RAS
  • Scenario playback system allows past system event information to be played back into analytic applications for RAS testing and improvement based on actual event data
  • SISCO GOOSE Blaster enables development of complex fault simulations for testing
  • Flexible device configuration based on standardized Substation Configuration Language (SCL) to support multiple types and brands of substations devices




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To search for more information about all our products visit our KNOWLEDGE CENTER