AX-S4 61850

AX-S4 61850 (“Access for 61850”) provides access to real-time data via IEC 61850 for any Windows compatible application supporting OPC Data Access (DA) and DDE interfaces. AX-S4 61850 gives you a high-level interface to real-time data that lowers your integration cost by providing you everything needed to interface IEC 61850 with standard off-the-shelf OPC based applications on the Windows platform in a single easy-to-use package. All the essentials needed to interface Windows applications to IEC 61850 devices are bundled in a single easy-to-use solution including an IEC 61850 client, an IEC 61850 server, and an IEC GOOSE publisher/subscriber. AX-S4 61850 is optimized to allow standard OPC products to interface with IEC 61850 devices by automatically handling most of the unique features of IEC 61850. This enables off-the-shelf products to be used effectively with IEC 61850 devices without complex scripting, logic, and special handling by the OPC applications.


  • Automatic report subscription and dataset handling supports re-enabling of reports after power down or device disconnects and enables data flow without OPC client interaction
  • Automated mapping of IEC 61850 quality and timestamp data to OPC quality and timestamps
  • Simplified control functions support single object write operations
  • Interactive object explorer for device and object visualization, debug, testing, configuration, and control
  • A complete solution in a single easy to use package that includes:
    • IEC 61850 Client – OPC/DDE Server
    • IEC GOOSE pub/sub – OPC Server
    • IEC 61850 Server – OPC Client
    • IEC 61850 Object Explorer
  • Flexible association management for the IEC 61850 client:
    • Up to 8 IP addresses can be set for each remote device. AX-S4 61850 will attempt to connect to all addresses when establishing an association
    • Automatic retry and timeouts with a “keep-alive” feature for report-only associations
    • Association control and reconfiguration items exposed to OPC clients to override automatic association management functions
  • AX-S4 61850 functions and OPC applications can all be run concurrently on a single computer as a service or application process
  • Each license is good for a single computer with no device or tag limit on licensing
  • Compatible with hundreds of OPC applications supporting OPC Data Access V3.0 and V2.05a
  • Runs on any currently supported Microsoft operating systems



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To search for more information about all our products visit our KNOWLEDGE CENTER